Yes, Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor is installed on the main hot and cold water inlet to the apartment. Mostly behind water meter. Installation is not complicated, but sometimes space is limited (with water meters) and installation can be more challenging. For residential purposes, the device is a 3/4 „or 1/2“ device

The Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor is installed either behind the water meter or behind the main water shut-off  valve or pressure regulator at the cold water inlet to the family house. It can also be mounted directly in the water meter shaft. The device can be installed at any time, but in the new building it is good to synchronize the work with the waterworks in order to assemble all at the same time

Generally for the proper functioning of the water meter, it is necessary to maintain direct section of piping (about 15 cm) in order the water meter operates correctly. Energywater Mineral Water Doctor is constructed in such a way that it can be mounted directly behind the water meter because it is a direct piece of „pipe“.

Yes. Mounting behind a water meter in a wate shaft is often the most simple way for installation of Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor. The humid environment, or the eventual flooding with water during the winter months, does not influence the functionality of the device.
Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor does not change the physical-chemical composition of water. There is no difference in physical-chemical values in the tests before and after the device. The hardness of the water remains the same, but the form in which the hardness appears will change. This change, or otherwise hardness stabilization, results in a significant increase in the hygienic and qualitative features of both water and pipeline.
First notice is the „behavior“ of the water in the kettle. The sediments you’ve been used to will not be repeated. Limescale deposits will be softer, calcite layers will not be formed and if you had to clean the kettle with vinegar every week, you will now have to do a little bit of vinegar cleaning per month. In new buildings, the immediate effect is also on other appliances. Cleaning is simpler, deposits are cleansed without chemicals and where the water flows (toilets, pearls, urinals, etc.) self-cleaning effect is active so that the surfaces maintain a smooth surface. Water in jugs will last longer fresh. With older systems that already contain various deposits, the cleaning process takes 3-6 months until the deposit is cleaned and the new hygienically safe microfilm Energywater® is created.
Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor requires minimal maintenance. This mainly involves checking the tightness of the join  with pipe-work as well as checking the interior of the device. If there is not the pre-set filter of mechanical particals we recommend to chcek the inside the device once a year. If there are any sediments inside, just rinse the tube in water or acetic water. If the is no problem with sediments  the service interval can be extended.
As the calcium carbonate contained in the water acquires a new form (Aragonit) with Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor, there is a reduced build-up capability in all pipeworks as well as waste pipes . So the waste pipes as well as the HSTS itself will be free of deposits and maintenance will be significantly easier. Chemically there is no change in water; on the contrary, the need for household chemistry (washing powders, sopas and detergents) will be significantly lower. Household surface maintenance is sufficient only with warm water and microfibre cloth. This all significantly improves biological process in HSTS because of limited amount of chemistry in wastewater.
Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor is engineered to alter the calcium carbonate form of Aragonit. This change is key to all the positive feastures of the treated water. Chlorine, or other chemicals such as petroleum substances or nitrates are not removed from the water.
The effect of Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor can not be compared with chlorination or the effects of medium-temperature UV lamps for disinfection. However In practice, we have noticed lowered ability of bacteria breeding in treated water. It is shown by lover odor of water, as well as reduced occurrence of mold (bath, shower, anti-slip mat). The nature of the coating formed from the treated water is fundamentally different from that of untreated water. Since no deposits are formed, bacteria have no conditions for breeding. The full effect is enhanced by the zinc disinfecting function contained in the Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor.
The limescale causes faster abrasion of used  appliances, where  it settles and reduces the operating lifetime. The Eergywater® mineral water source does not change the hardness of the water but the limescale mostly due to calcite, loses its ability to settle and thus helps to prolong lifetime of appliances.

When the pool is filled with water that has been treated by Eergywater® Mineral Water Doctor,
the limescale sedimentation on the nozzles and pumps as well as on the heater
swimming pool water is limited. The waterstone will not disappear from the water, it will be present in a mild form and possibly crystals and sediments of the limescale will be easier to clean by water vacuum cleaner or otherwise mechanically removed. By using our device in a closed water cycle increasing the pH of the water up to 8.6 is required.

The device works reliably in any place, the only limitation may be the dimensions of
installation space (small mounting space). However, this can be solved using a variety of installation sets according to the type of water system. It is ideal to install our equipment where the temperature changes to make galvanic cells work efficiently.

Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor is currently available in the retail network with installation material (especially for installers). It is also possible to buy it on a paycheck or through e-shops, but our company prefers mounting companies and shops, where the operator will explain everything you need for installation.
After installation, the pipework will not be colgged by limescale and the already sedimented limescale will be gradually abraded until completely removed from the surface of the pipes. On the inner wall of the pipework, a hygienic microfilm of Aragonite is formed which is not capable of forming layers, deposits and which can not bind colonies of bacteria. Pipeworks will have a longer life and the water in them will be of higher quality. Devices such as a coffee machine and kettle will be easier to clean, the process of decalcification will be much easier. The heat exchanger on which the hot water is prepared will not be degraded by the limescale and will retain the efficiency indicated by the manufacturer thanks to the no-load operation. This dicreaases energy costs as well.
The hardness of the water does not change with the effect of Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor. The content of substances responsible for water hardness is the same as before entering the device. However, water hardness is „stabilized“ after treatment and minerals can not form sediments. This method of water treatment is known for more than 50 years, but it has not expanded yet due to the dominant position of chemical forms of water treatment.
The Eergywater® Mineral Water Doctor dimension 1″ has a total length of 270 millimeters. It is designed to reliably operate at flow rates of 3.5 m3 / hour, about 1 liter per second. This dimension is suitable for connecting the family house, larger operations or irrigation system. This is a „Home“ device, i.e., for home use, but is also suitable for industrial applications.
Since most gastronomic facilities work with higher temperatures and pressures as prescribed for proper operation of our device, we do not recommend our equipment for professional gastronomic facilities and we recommend using the devices recommended by the gastro manufacturers.

The treated water is more gentle on the fabrics, the detergents will work with better efficiency, and the laundry facilities will not get  clogged because of the hard water. This is due to the form of limescale mineral which, due to the galvanic treatment in water, is present as Aragonite (not Kalcit). In the laundry, the benefits are reflected in lower consumption of detergents and more delicate washing of fabrics, especially those that are laundered very often (bed linen, towels).