Ecological water treatment


By simply installing the zinc cations reactor Mineral Water Doctor on the water supply, the immediate effect of eliminating the formation and deposition of water scale will begin.
Ecological water treatment Product catalog and references

Ecological water treatment

By simple installation of the Energywater® Mineral Water Doctor at the inlet of the water pipe (pipe-work) the instantaneous elimination effect of the soluble substances begin immediately

 0 € costs of chemical cleaning of the water system

Due to the physical treatment of water, there is no more cost of chemical water softening – environmental to the nature

Extends operational life of piping and equipment

Energywater® MWD is made of premium quality hygienic materials of the highest quality – a guarantee of high efficiency and long lifetime

More than 20% energy savings

Due to the elimination of the limescale, the heat transfer increases when the water is heated in the heat exchangers and hot water heaters , which reduces operating costs – lower electricity and gas consumption.

100% energy independence

Due to the simple physical principle on which Energywater® MWD operates, it is does not need any external power connection – no energy consumption


Benefits of MWD

Energywater® MWD is a proven water-based solution that significantly prolongs the life of pipelines and connected appliances (water tap, washing machines dishwashers, boilers):

  • Increases the life of used appliances and equipment
  • Reduces the consumption of washing powders,  soaps and detergents
  • Reduces electricity and gas consumption in water heaters
  • Prevents the formation of scale and corrosion
  • Positively influences plant growth (better water absorption along with minerals.)
  • One-time investment for at least 10 years
  • Gently cleans existing limescale deposits
  • Minimizes the cost of replacing clogged pipes
  • Energy independent (self-sufficient)
  • Eliminates the need to over- power sizing of the circulation pump and waterpipes
  • Eliminates the cost of chemical cleaning of the systems
  • Simplifies and increases the safety of mechanical cleaning of exchangers
  • Improves the taste of water

Product catalog and references

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